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Guesthaven Baguio Bed & Breakfast

Tucked in a small neighborhood is a quaint ​bed and breakfast in the Summer Capital of the Philippines. A former summer resthouse of a celebrity, the property bares witness to the hosting of stars and aficionados in its early years. Restored and polished with a touch of rustic country living, the property opens its doors to guests and travelers looking for the authentic Filipino hospitality and respite from the urban life.

Personalized experience is delivered by the bed and breakfast to all its guests from check-in to check-out. Common rooms house the grandeur of a high ceiling adorned by industrial chandeliers, walls paneled by Narra and completed exquisite locally handcrafted furnitures. Indoors are kept warm by the focal fireplace ablaze by freshly cut wood during cooler months. The design envisions the rustic country-style living of its former celebrity owner.

Rooms are designed with tandem guests and travellers in mind providing touches of Cordilleran craftsmanship from intricately carved bed frames to delicately weaved upholsteries. Home cooked breakfast welcomes guests to a new day prepared from locally sourced produce from the communities of the Baguio. No two breakfasts are served the same making offerings something to look forward to. Checking-in is an experience in itself of true Filipino-Cordilleran hospitality. Your stay is sure to be more than a home away from home.

Aleph Room

A high ceiling panelled by Narra provides grandeur for couples seeking respite. Watch the sunrise beam through the window as you write notes on an intricately carved study table.

Beth Room

Narra wood panelling and high ceiling continues across from adjacent Room Aleph. The king size canopy bed faces a showcase window overlooking the garden. A study nook and seating area provides a private space for guests while walls of the walk-in closet are covered by mirrors.

Gimmel Room

A Cordilleran artwork and exclusively made traditional furnishings is the focal point of the room for two. Sunrise beams through the window panel making the study nook a space for writing and reflection. Narra paneling from the common rooms continue to adorn the rooms at the lower level.

Dalet Room

The room gives access to a private guest-only living room ideal for small chats and lounging with your partner. The space that doubles as a gallery is shared with Room Gimmel. Overlooking the garden, the room is perfect for an affordable stay for two.

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